Darren Barker has opened up his personal and career struggles on his way to being a revered fighter in the middleweight division. Barker faced personal doubt, pain and loneliness as he sought to rise to the top in his career.

The IBF middleweight champ faced numerous personal struggles to have one of the most storied careers in the sport. The retired British boxer is now fully to his post career business endeavor. One of which is running a top notch gym in central London called 12×3.

Cody Rhodes Celebrates Siblings Day

Cody Rhodes is one of the popular fighters and he comes from a good family.

If you didn’t know, he is the son of Dusty Rhodes. Cody has an older brother named Goldust and also two sisters. Kristin Ditto and Teil Gergel are the names of his sisters. On National Sibling Day, it was great to see Cody sending out some lovely and warm messages to his sisters and brother.

There were moments captured that were amazing. They not only show the intimate side of the Rhodes family, but also you get to see the softer side of Cody’s father. He was mostly known for his readiness to fight attribute for the American Dream and that’s how his fans knew him as well. Although, Dusty Rhodes took a departure from this world too soon, but, there are still many beautiful photos that make us remember him. In fact, it is good that his family shared those images as the world has got an opportunity to see Dusty Rhodes behind closed doors.


We noted before through Wrestling Observer Radio that Cody Rhodes is anticipated to debut with TNA soon as he has a deal on the table.

He is as well considering wrestling for Ring of Honor but will not be under contract to either promotion.

Cody is considering working a feud in TNA with his partner Brandi Rhodes (Eden) against Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis since they recently worked in unison for Northeast Wrestling. With the two promotions using Cody on TV programs, it would be fascinating to see if he is able to pull this off as he would be the first person. No word yet on when he is supposed to get started with TNA but he will probably start working multiple dates for ROH in December and is seeking to work with Adam Cole. Cody is besides going to New Japan Pro Wrestling to work at least one date, with Katsuyori Shibata, according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Regarding the Indies, Cody has received offers to work together with TNA’s Aron Rex (Damien Sandow) owing to their WWE history, but he is keen on working with talents he’s never worked with before.

Cena Doesn’t Watch WWE Fights

What an irony- veteran WWE superstar John Cena who has achieved worldwide fame for his mighty moves inside the ring, has admitted that he doesn’t watch the wrestling matches on TV. According to the champion, the WWE shows are mostly enjoyed by kids from ages 6-10.

In fact, Cena also added in his interview that he himself altered his very wrestling style in the initial phase of his career to specifically make his matches more appealing to little children. This is some kind of a grand revelation when it is coming from a WWE superstar.

Cena was recently at a promotional campaign where he disclosed this secret. The promotional campaign was for a latest merchandising effort from WWE where the champ plays a major part. The campaign has been organized by a collaboration in between prime WWE wrestlers & the famous more than 5 decades old cartoon giant The Flintstones. The result is a full-length animation film named “The Flintstones and WWE: Stone Age Smackdown” which was released on 10th March on Blu-Ray & DVD disc. The film shows iconic characters from Flintstones & WWE- inspired characters like John Cenastone that are voiced by pro real-life wrestlers themselves.