Darren Barker has opened up his personal and career struggles on his way to being a revered fighter in the middleweight division. Barker faced personal doubt, pain and loneliness as he sought to rise to the top in his career.

The IBF middleweight champ faced numerous personal struggles to have one of the most storied careers in the sport. The retired British boxer is now fully to his post career business endeavor. One of which is running a top notch gym in central London called 12×3.

Whilst still active, Barker lost his brother in an auto crash in 2006. Gary Barker died at the young age of 19 and it devastated Darren. He was close to his younger brother and considered him a lost teammate. He pulled himself up even as other personal struggles came in.

In 2013, Barker won a world titleafter beating Daniel Geale courtesy of a split decision victory. He was knocked down in the sixth round but he eventually won the fight of his life. He fell to his knees as he was named winner of the bout.

ā€œIā€™d worked so hard and I had dedicated my life to winning the world title for my brother. When I completed that goal, it was like it was finished. All my life work had been achieved and I was sad that I almost letting go of my brother. It was really difficult,ā€ he revealed.

Ahead of the fight, Barker suffered injuries but he overcame all the concerns to win the fight. The only loss he had on his record before the fight was against Sergio Martinez. The Argentine boxer stopped him in the 11th round back in 2011 in Atlantic City. Barker says the experience from the Martinez fight helped him in many aspects and on the route to the world title.

Felix Sturm knocked him out December 2013 before Barker retired. He is now determined to helping other boxers with world class training in London.