Cody Rhodes Biography

Cody Rhodes is a professional wrestler from the United States of America but that is not his only identity. He is also the son of former professional wrestler, The American Dream Dusty Rhodes and the half brother of another fellow professional Goldust, also known as Seven and Dark Reign. He is currently contracted to perform for the World Wrestling Entertainment or the WWE, which was also the company his dad worked for when it was known as the World Wrestling Federation or the WWF. Rhodes was born as Cody Garrett Runnels on the 30th of June, 1985. Rhodes currently performs for the Smack Down brand of the WWE where he is currently the holder of the Intercontinental Championship. Rhodes has also been the Tag Team Champion in the WWE on as many as four occasions, winning the World Tag Team Championship three times, once with his former best friend Ted DiBiase and another time with Hardcore Holly while he has also won the WWE Tag Team Championship one time with Drew McIntyre as his partner. Cody Rhodes had his share of the limelight with his father while he was still in high school when he took part in the promotional of his father, where he worked as a referee.

In 2006, Rhodes was signed on by the Ohio Valley Wrestling or the OVW which develops young talents for the WWE. His time at OVW, where he wrestled under his real name, was highly successful as he won various titles during his stint, including the OVW Heavyweight Championship as well as the Tag Team titles. In July 2007, Cody Rhodes made his television debut for the WWE where he took his present ring name. that year in December, he captured his first gold in the company when he won the World tag Team Championship, teaming up with Hardcore Holly and the duo held onto the belt for as long as six months.

In 2008, Rhodes befriended DiBiase, the son of The Million Dollar Man and along with Randy Orton, formed The Legacy which was a faction that consisted of multi-generation superstars in the WWE. This faction, however, did not last as Orton had his eye on the WWE Championship and used the two younger stars to achieve his goal. After leaving The Legacy, Cody Rhodes won the Intercontinental Championship, the biggest title that he has won in the WWE so far in August 2011.

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