Cody Rhodes Celebrates Siblings Day

Cody Rhodes is one of the popular fighters and he comes from a good family.

If you didn’t know, he is the son of Dusty Rhodes. Cody has an older brother named Goldust and also two sisters. Kristin Ditto and Teil Gergel are the names of his sisters. On National Sibling Day, it was great to see Cody sending out some lovely and warm messages to his sisters and brother.

There were moments captured that were amazing. They not only show the intimate side of the Rhodes family, but also you get to see the softer side of Cody’s father. He was mostly known for his readiness to fight attribute for the American Dream and that’s how his fans knew him as well. Although, Dusty Rhodes took a departure from this world too soon, but, there are still many beautiful photos that make us remember him. In fact, it is good that his family shared those images as the world has got an opportunity to see Dusty Rhodes behind closed doors.

In addition, Cody sent out greetings on National Siblings Day to his other sister as well. Kristen Ditto was a cheerleader for Dallas Cowboys once upon a time. The tenure lasted only for a short duration as a cheerleader, but she did a great job. Cody wished his brother Dustin by appreciating the fact that he is a sibling and shared some great memories that stayed in the hearts of the brothers and also made their fans feel happy. It is not easy to forget the time when Rhodes Brothers struggled to achieve the WWE World Tag Team Champions. National Sibling Day is a great way to appreciate your brother and sister and show them that you care. It is good to see the unity amongst the Rhodes Brothers, which exists even today.