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Cody Rhodes Celebrates Siblings Day

Cody Rhodes is one of the popular fighters and he comes from a good family. If you didn’t know, he is the son of Dusty Rhodes. Cody has an older brother named Goldust and also two sisters. Kristin Ditto and Teil Gergel are the names of his sisters. On National Sibling Day, it was great […]


We noted before through Wrestling Observer Radio that Cody Rhodes is anticipated to debut with TNA soon as he has a deal on the table. He is as well considering wrestling for Ring of Honor but will not be under contract to either promotion. Cody is considering working a feud in TNA with his partner […]

Cena Doesn’t Watch WWE Fights

What an irony- veteran WWE superstar John Cena who has achieved worldwide fame for his mighty moves inside the ring, has admitted that he doesn’t watch the wrestling matches on TV. According to the champion, the WWE shows are mostly enjoyed by kids from ages 6-10. In fact, Cena also added in his interview that […]