We noted before through Wrestling Observer Radio that Cody Rhodes is anticipated to debut with TNA soon as he has a deal on the table.

He is as well considering wrestling for Ring of Honor but will not be under contract to either promotion.

Cody is considering working a feud in TNA with his partner Brandi Rhodes (Eden) against Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis since they recently worked in unison for Northeast Wrestling. With the two promotions using Cody on TV programs, it would be fascinating to see if he is able to pull this off as he would be the first person. No word yet on when he is supposed to get started with TNA but he will probably start working multiple dates for ROH in December and is seeking to work with Adam Cole. Cody is besides going to New Japan Pro Wrestling to work at least one date, with Katsuyori Shibata, according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Regarding the Indies, Cody has received offers to work together with TNA’s Aron Rex (Damien Sandow) owing to their WWE history, but he is keen on working with talents he’s never worked with before.

Cody continues to check off opponents on “The List” he released several months ago, but he is not planning to sign a contract with anyone. The Observer’s Dave Meltzer chatted with Cody at PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles previous weekend and reported in this week’s issue that it seems Cody’s primary objective is to try to make it as an actor on TV. He is hopeful the recent “Arrow” appearance he taped would turn into a recurring role.

One fascinating note on Cody appearance on TNA or ROH TV is that he can’t use the Rhodes last name. That might change since talks are ongoing with WWE that is also claiming possession of merchandise rights to the Dusty Rhodes name, as Cody has been considering a book on his father. Cody only has worked for WWE since the outset of his career and never adopted the name elsewhere before that. One may argue that the Rhodes name dates back more than 50 years before it was used in WWE. Cody has been making use of the Rhodes name on the Indies recently.